This page contains images of the Pilot Field and what remains of the Speedway track and facilities. It now contains pictures from both 60 years on (taken in January 2009) and just over 50 years on (taken in April 2000).

The ground is now used solely by Hastings United Football Club and is under threat of re-development. The current owner of the football club wants Hastings Borough Council to build a new stadium for the football club and use this site for re-development.

Whilst this scheme is very unlikely to go ahead, there is fierce opposition to it.


60 YEARS ON (January 2009)
SAX09_01.jpg (192127 bytes) The Main Stand. This was built in the mid-1920's mainly for the football although remarkable remains almost as built some 80 years ago.
SAX09_06.jpg (295545 bytes) The 3rd Bend and the Bank. In this world of Health & Safety gone mad, the FA now deems the bank unsafe so no longer will fans pack the dug-out terraces as they did in some of the other pictures on this site.
SAX09_05.jpg (302626 bytes) Another view of the 3rd bend. The road to the pits is still intact and runs behind the fence towards the top of the picture. The rough track now serves a social club which can be seen towards the right of the picture.
SAX09_04.jpg (280023 bytes) The Back Straight. Surrounding a football pitch, this photo gives an idea of how long the straights were.
SAX09_08.jpg (349215 bytes) The Back Straight towards the 3rd Bend. The Pilot Field is a vast area and one can probably see how so many people could be crammed into the  stadium in Speedway days.
SAX09_09.jpg (341780 bytes) The 3rd Bend towards the 4th Bend. The outline of the original steel crash barriers and hence the line of the track can be seen in the contrast between the old and new concrete standing areas.
SAX09_11.jpg (302273 bytes) The original course of the track. A close look at the original line of the steel crash barriers on the 3rd bend. From this and the previous picture, one can gain an impression of the width of the track.
SAX09_10.jpg (325381 bytes) Looking towards where the pits were located by the 2nd bend. The coach is roughly located where the pits once stood.
SAX09_12.jpg (366890 bytes) The Back Straight from the 2nd Bend. Although the track has been covered over the years with shingle, there are still some traces of the original cinders mostly close to the edges of the football pitch and the new barrier.
SAX09_13.jpg (192914 bytes) Another view of the main stand, this time from the 2nd Bend.
SAX09_14.jpg (356049 bytes) The home straight looking from the 1st bend and towards the starting gate
SAX09_15.jpg (329509 bytes) The Starting Gate. Or where it once was. Whilst over the years the area has been concreted over with new concrete, it is not yet know for sure if this track originally had a concrete starting gate. Some of the newly acquired photos on this site show the starting gate, these do not seem to confirm this one way or another.
SAX09_16.jpg (314053 bytes) The 2nd Bend. Now obliterated through the developing of a parking area.
SAX09_17.jpg (268573 bytes) Looking towards where the pits once stood. 10 years on from the picture below and the building taht hosed the electrical equipment has now been demolished.
SAX09_18.jpg (241418 bytes) Looking towards the spectator bank from the 1st bend.

50 YEARS ON (April 2000)

The start gate.
The concrete path for players to enter the pitch covers the cinders whilst the new fence has been built nearer the football pitch narrowing the speedway track.
The Home Straight.
Looking at the home straight from the first bend. The stand on the left was built in the 1920's so would have existed during Speedway days.
The Pits.
On the 2nd bend was the pits area. Access to it was via an entrance behind the trees on the right and continuing behind the building on the left on a track to Elphinstone Road. The building in the centre of the picture housed the generator that powered the lights.The relocation of the fence to create car parking has more or less obliterated the speedway track on the 1st and 2nd bends.
The Back Straight.
The back straight looking from the second bend. The Cinder track is still 60% intact. The relocation of the fence again taking up the other 40%.
The 3rd Bend.
The 3rd bend looking along the back straight with the pits in the far distance.
The stand behind the photographer (Now itself demolished, see next picture) was built after speedway ended. Before this time it was merely a grass bank.
The 3rd Bend Close-Up.
Cinders still in place but the stands didn't exist in speedway days. The one on the right has been demolished since this photograph was taken.
The 3rd and 4th Bend.
The original line of the speedway track can be clearly seen in this image of the 3rd bend. The relocation of the fence and the part- concreting of the cinder track creates a clear outline of where the steel barrier once stood.
The 4th Bend.
The spectator entrance to Elphinstone Road is to the left of the picture.
The rough track to the pits follows a path along the top of the bank above the far stand.