As frequently mentioned on this site, new material is hard to come by so I am always grateful to people who are kind enough to send me information and photographs. I am grateful for this latest addition to the galleries to Hugh Beeching


Above: About to let the clutch out! The starting gate with the stand main stand in the background.

Below: From Left to Right: Top: Ken Smith, George Butler, Harold McNaughton, Dan English. Bottom: 

Above: Are you one of these schoolboy fans looking through the pits fence?

Below: Tending to the bikes in the pits and talking it over.


Above: Jock Grierson, Buddy Filler, Ken Middleditch, Norman Street.

Above: The Marshalls take their positions  

Above: An unknown presentation to Ken Smith


Below: Two programme sellers by the main stand.


Above: Spectators get close to their heros. Do you recognise yourself anywhere here?

Above: If you didn't recognise yourself as a spectator in the previous photo, how about this one?

Above: At the Speedway Ball.
Below: A fantastic view of the bank packed full of spectators. A few things of note...... first of all the tightness of the bends and secondly.. in those days there was no safety fence and the fans could hang over the steel barrier and touch their hero as he rode past!

Below: Speedway Personalities photographed at The Pilot Field. Back Row:-Councillor George Steel (Director), Harold McNaughton, Ron Clarke, Frank Bettis, Ken Middleditch, Dan English, John Hayles, Charlie Digard (Director). Front Row: Ken Smith, Wally Green, Buddy Fuller.